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On this page:

Available Features

On the Automation Schedules page, you'll find a list of all the configured automation schedules (active and disabled) and easily view or edit the details of single or multiple schedules. You can filter and search for specific schedules, and use the column picker to determine what information you want to view for a schedule.

Some features available on this page are:


You can choose to filter out by Account, Automation Type, which user in your team sets the automation schedule, automation status, frequency, or platform for which the automation is set (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc).


For some tools, you’ll be able to view total runs, last run, and other related details of the automation under this column.


You will be able to see the timezone used by the schedule on the edit panel. It will change based on the user’s timezone who is editing the schedule.

Edit Schedules

You can edit the schedule by clicking on the edit icon under the ‘Actions’ column. This will open a side tray with all the information about the schedule. Here, you can edit various settings and even change default bids for your shopping automation.

You can bulk edit multiple schedules by using the checkboxes. As soon as you make your selection, you’ll be given the option to bulk edit frequency, email (for notification purpose), owner, automation status, as well as delete a schedule.

Important Note: If multiple team members try to edit a schedule simultaneously, the first person to edit one will be allowed to make changes, and for every other person, the system will show a warning message requesting to refresh the browser first.

Delete Schedules

You can delete a schedule by clicking on the delete button present under the ‘Actions’ column.

Change Status

You can pause an active schedule or enable a paused one by toggling the option under the ‘Status’ column.

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