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Performance by Keyword & Query Type
Performance by Keyword & Query Type (Deprecated) - User Guide
Performance by Keyword & Query Type (Deprecated) - User Guide
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Basic Settings

  • Spreadsheet URL: The script outputs the results onto a Google Spreadsheet. If you want to paste the results in an existing spreadsheet, put in the address of the spreadsheet. The sharing settings for the spreadsheet should be 'anyone with a link'. If you leave "NEW", the script will create a new spreadsheet each time it runs. 

Note: If the sharing settings are not correct, the script will not be able to write the URLs it checks to the spreadsheet.

  • Campaign Label: Name of the campaign label in Google Ads which should be analyzed when the script runs. This field is optional.

  • Campaign Name Contains: You can choose to run this script for specific campaigns. These can be filtered by mentioning the word to filter on. Leaving it blank will run the script for all campaigns. This can be helpful if you have a very large account or well-segregated campaigns based on product category. 

Share Results Spreadsheet With These Google Accounts

In this setting, you can mention the Google account emails that should have access to the spreadsheet that contains the report. Multiple email addresses can be entered using a comma separated list.

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