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Bulk Update Ads using Generate Text Ad Bulksheets Script (Deprecated)
Bulk Update Ads using Generate Text Ad Bulksheets Script (Deprecated)
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When there is a seasonal or event-specific offer, you may want to bulk update ads with the new promotion, or add new ads highlighting the promotion. This script eases that process onto a simple and easy task.

Steps to update ads using Generate Text Ad Bulksheets: 

After the script runs, access the generated Bulk Ad Sheet from the 'Logs' tab. Open the spreadsheet to make changes.

In the generated Bulk Ad Sheet, add a filter to the top row. Then filter to only see suggestions with a specific ad type. You can then bulk edit the description lines and headlines to add seasonal offers to the text ads.

For example, for expanded text ads, you can edit the seasonal or promotional offer in Headline 2 in one go and copy it across all the cells for the shortlisted ads. After this, copy all the cells and paste special (with values only) it on a new sheet. 

Upload all the ads through Google Ads Editor by selecting one of the available options in Google Ads Editor -  'Paste text' or 'Import from file'.

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