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This script automatically adjusts budgets to meet the target spend. The script can modify campaign-level budgets and shared budgets, and by using multiple settings, it can manage all budgets for the entire account. 

Basic Settings

Budget Name Is

The name of either the campaign or shared budget you want to manage automatically. This is a case-sensitive, exact match.

Target Monthly Spend

Enter the amount you would like the campaign or shared budget to reach by the end of the month. If the budget amount has decimals, you need to use a period (.) as a decimal separator. 

Note: Numerical figures only can be used, and no special characters, for instance, currency symbols.

This script calculates the new budget by taking the amount of budget left and dividing it by the number of days left in the month.

New Budget When Target Has Been Exceeded

In this setting, you can define what the script should do if it finds a campaign has surpassed the budget. By setting this option to “1”, you’ll be modifying the budget for the remaining period to “1”. As this script doesn't pause the overspending budgets, setting it to "1" will also help you keep control over any potentially extra spend.

How To Calculate Budgets

This setting lets you specify the method you want to use to reallocate budgets. 

  • Evenly - It lets you spread out your budget evenly throughout the month.

  • Evenly with Increases For High Potential Days of the Week - Shares the budget evenly between the remaining days but will bump the budget higher if today is a day of the week that has typically seen higher click volume.

  • Front Loaded - Spends a larger part of the budget in the first half of the month.

  • Back Loaded - Spends a larger part of the budget in the second half of the month.

  • Based on Day of Week Potential - Budget is allocated on the base of the potential to spend on every day of the week.

Note: We recommend the “Evenly with Increases For High Potential Days of the Week" reallocation method because this method sets a budget no lower than based on even distribution but increases it when it believes the day has extra potential based on day-of-week patterns. So it's more likely to help you spend your budget.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings give you the option to define how the patterns are calculated, and how the unused budget should be used. With the day of week pattern setting, you'll set the Nº of past weeks to use for defining the average. 

Important note on shared budget:

When a shared budget is created after the month has already begun, Google Ads doesn't transfer the spend that the individual campaign had, over to the spend of the new shared budget. As Optmyzr can only consider the spend from when the shared budget was created, there may be some differences at first.

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