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What is it?

The Stacked Bids script works on the strategy of tiered bidding, which is based on adding multiple match types to the same keyword to better control costs. This strategy considers the possibility of getting more conversions by covering variations in a query with different match types. 

For this strategy to work properly, you’d need to have a close relation in the bids set for the different match types. This script helps you keep a proper stacked-bids structure. 

How does it work?

This script works by recognizing any modified bids that are no longer tiered properly, and outputs the information to a spreadsheet, to then be uploaded back to Google Ads.

It helps you find out when your bids are not following your rules for stacked or tiered bidding. You can also specify your target ratios for the bids on each match type to automatically generate new bids that can be bulk uploaded to Google Ads.

In the settings, you'll set the three match type bids and define whether they need to follow the ratios exactly. The Spreadsheet settings lets you add a URL for the spreadsheet where to output the information.

You can choose to share the results with multiple people by adding different emails separated by commas. You'll define here the date range, can limit which campaigns to include, and set an email address to notify when a report is ready. 

You can read more about why we created a script for managing stacked bids on Search Engine Land.

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