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The Spend Projection, Optimize Budgets and Budget Pacing feature in the MCC Dashboard are three very different ways of viewing how your budget is performing. They each calculate projected budget spend in 3 different ways, which are useful for different focuses, depending on what you are aiming at. 

This article explains how each of them works.

Budget Pacing in the MCC Dashboard

The Budget Pacing feature shows what percentage have you spent relative to what you should have spent as a share of the month (linear spending). 

How does it calculate the data?

At the beginning of the month, the system considers the appropriate spend's pacing to be between 75% to 125%, and towards the end of the month, the system finds the appropriate spend's pacing to be between 95% to 105%. 

This means that if at the beginning of the month, the account spends less than 75%, then the system shows the budget pacing as underspending. Similarly, if at the end of the month, the account is pacing at a percentage greater than 105%, it will be shown as overspending

For the rest of the month, the algorithm performs a linear interpolation depending on the number of days passed and the spend already achieved

Spend Projection Tool

For the suggestions and data shown in the Spend Projection tool, the system uses machine learning to predict the likely spend for each of the remaining days during the selected date range. 

How does it calculate the data?

It analyzes actual spend over the past few days to predict the cost the Google Ads account will accrue at the end of the selected time period. Since actual spend levels fluctuate the system recommends a range for the spend.

While we predict the spend in the Spend Projection, we take into consideration the following two factors: 

  1. Day of the week.

  2. Weekly and yearly seasonality (to take into consideration the account growth) and its consistency in the past years (since the time a Google Ads account was active or 2010 whichever is earlier).

Optimize Budgets Tool

The Optimize Budgets tool lets you optimize budgets for Google Ads by translating them from monthly to daily budgets. This can be done to achieve a target or allocate more budget to campaigns that are driving more leads/sales. 

How does it calculate the data?

This tool analyses the spend on campaigns and shared budgets in your accounts and helps you re-arrange your target budget basis the spending capability of individual and shared budgets. It also suggests balancing budgets by taking a part of the budget amount which won't end up being spent.

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