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Creating portfolios across ad platforms in Optmyzr

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With the PPC Portfolio Manager, you can group together multiple accounts across platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and Yahoo Japan Ads), into one portfolio. For now, portfolios can be used to manage budgets in the Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio tool.

Create a new Portfolio

To get started, click on the green (+) button and define a name for your new portfolio You'll see selectors for currency and time zone for the portfolio. Selecting a time zone and currency will not make any changes to the actual PPC accounts. It is only for viewing data in Optmyzr.

Next on, select which accounts you want to group up into this portfolio. You can choose from Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads accounts. An account can be part of multiple portfolios.

Manage portfolios

Don't forget to click on save! You can rename or delete a portfolio at any moment by clicking on 'Manage,' as well as edit the accounts and other details associated with it.

Note: The portfolios created on the alert settings page will also show up here, so you can continue editing them from this page, as well as use the Optimize Budgets Multi-Account Portfolio tool to analyze the daily budget of your campaigns and make any necessary changes. Likewise, the portfolios created in this tool will be available on the alerts settings page dropdown, so you can create alerts for budget groups and also add new budget groups.

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