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Rule Engine for Amazon Ads - Prebuilt Strategies
Rule Engine for Amazon Ads - Prebuilt Strategies
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The Rule Engine for Amazon Ads has some previously created strategies that focus on specific goals, and which have already been configured for use. 

For each strategy, you'll have the option to keep Optmyzr's suggestions or to get full control over it to make changes.

Pre-built Strategies

Manage Bids

  • Bid to ACoS: Use your target ACoS to set the CPC bid using historical sales data for a keyword.

Manage Keywords

  • Negative Keyword Finder: Find and add new negative keywords when expensive non-converting search terms are discovered.

Reduce Cost

  • Non Converting Search Terms: Add a negative keyword for search terms that don’t convert after a certain number of advertiser-defined clicks.


  • Keyword Report: Get a keyword report for Amazon Ads so you can quickly see keywords with impressions, clicks, and sales, as well as those with no impressions.

  • Campaign Report: Get a report of all campaigns and see which ones have generated sales, clicks, and impressions

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