How do I Access my Add-On Accounts?
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Optmyzr lets you review all your Add-On accounts directly on one single page. You can access them from the settings icon on any of Optmyzr's pages and from this link as well. 

Inside the Add-On Accounts page, you'll see the Master Account, each added Parent Users, their primary email, the number of accounts linked, team member, and approx. total spend in USD for the last 30 days. 

Any add-on account with one or more accounts linked will give you the option to download the list of accounts linked and/or team members associated. 

Note: The add-on account users do not have access to this page, this is restricted to Primary master users. 

In case you own some add-on accounts but you aren't able to see this page, please write to us at and we'll give you access. 

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