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To add any new type of account you can click on ‘Link Another Account' in the left column of your MCC Dashboard (Optmyzr home).

Search for Particular Login or Name

The search bar in the Manage Linked Accounts page can help you filter out email logins by account type. You can use this to know how many instances are present for each platform.

To link a Google Ads account to Optmyzr, you first need to link the Google Ads login email that has access to the account. Choose the Google Ads email associated with your Google Ads MCC account and grant Optmyzr permission to connect. Once it's connected, simply click on the Google Ads account child account you want to add to Optmyzr and you’re done!

Hint: You can also sync your account's names in Optmyzr with the original names in the ad platforms.

To re-link a Google Ads account through another Google Ads login email, add the new Google Ads login email (or select the Google Ads login you want to use), find the Google Ads account ID of the account which you'd like to relink, and click on the relink option next to the account name.

Google Analytics Accounts

After authorizing Optmyzr to access data from the Analytics account, click on the added Google Analytics login to view and link profiles to Optmyzr.

You can also link a Google Analytics profile to a Google Ads account by clicking on the profile name. 

Microsoft Ads Accounts

After authorizing Optmyzr to access data from the Microsoft Ads account click on the email associated with your Microsoft account to see a list of all the Microsoft accounts related to that email id (if it is a parent account).

Click on the Microsoft accounts you want to add to Optmyzr and you’re done!

Facebook Ads Accounts

After authorizing Optmyzr to access data from Facebook Ads, click on the Facebook Ads login to view and link individual Facebook accounts to Optmyzr.

Note: The data we pull from Facebook is for Facebook Ads account (not for personal profiles) so the information from your personal profile won't be available.

Amazon Ads Accounts

When clicking on Add new Amazon Ads login, you will be directed to the Amazon login site where you'll need to sign in with the account you'll be adding to Optmyzr. 

Once you've added the login, you'll see the ad account in blue, and can then link it to Optmyzr by simply clicking on it. 

To remove any linked account, simply hover over the account on the MCC Dashboard and you'll see an 'x' to remove it.

Revoke Access to an Account

To revoke account access, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Go to the account access page for Google accounts here: https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions

  2. Here you’ll see Optmyzr in the list. It may appear multiple times

  3. When you click on Optmyzr on the list you’ll see the different access permissions Optmyzr has.

  4. You will need to click on ‘Revoke Access’ to remove access for Optmyzr. This has to be for the Optmyzr profile that has access.

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