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The Script

The Reach Target Monthly Spend script automatically adjusts budgets to meet the target spend. The script can modify campaign-level budgets and shared budgets. By using multiple settings, it can manage all budgets for the entire account. 

We suggest you don't use this script if you are already using the Optimize Budget tool, as these two will override the changes made by each other. This script does not pause overspending budgets. To manage and avoid overspending you can use the Pause When Things Spend Too Much script. 

Note: For video campaigns, the script pulls in the data but the applies such as pausing/enabling the campaign or updating the budget won't go through due to API restriction.

Shared Budget in Script

The shared budget option is used when you are using the same budget across multiple campaigns. Select this to manage a shared budget, and leave it unselected if you want to manage the budget of an individual campaign. 

We use this setting because campaigns and shared budgets don't have to have unique names in Google Ads, so when the name you entered in the settings matches both a campaign and a shared budget, this tells the script which one you would like to manage automatically. 

Further Reading

You can read more about tools for budget management in our blog post here.

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