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About: Check Destination URLs
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What does it do?

This enhanced script automatically checks the landing pages that your ads and keywords lead to, and find the ones that lead to 404 error pages. You can also set up the script to find pages that contain certain phrases like 'product not found' etc, and generate a report with URLs that lead to 404 & 500 error pages.

Note: This script does not automatically resume the paused ads.

Will the script check the URLs of paused items?

The "Check Destination URLs" script will only check landing page URLs of elements that are enabled, and which have gotten some impressions in the last 30 days. This means it will check only keywords and ads with impressions that are currently enabled and located in active ad groups and campaigns.

Optionally you can use the advanced setting called "Check URLs With Zero Impressions" to check the URLs associated with enabled keywords and ads that have not received a single impression in the past 30 days.

If I pick check “All” in the scope, does it mean it'll check site-links URLs as well? 

The scope of "all" refers to ads and keywords. If you want to check site-links, you can use the Check Sitelink URL's script.

Will the script overwrite previous reports in the target spreadsheet? 

If you select a particular spreadsheet in the settings, the script will overwrite the old data every time the script runs. If you want to save the old data you can choose to create a new spreadsheet every time it runs by putting 'NEW' in the spreadsheet setting.

How is the ‘cost’ column in the spreadsheet calculated? 

The system takes into consideration the last 30 days. This is to give you an estimate of how much wasted spend there would have been if the broken URL kept running.

How does the script match the keywords/phrases defined in the settings?

We check every unique final URL for the selected scope (keywords, ads, or both). This can be narrowed down with the campaign name selector, and the script will check for any campaign whose name includes the text (not case sensitive).

Recommendations and Tips

  1. Google Ads has a 30-minute limit on scripts. If the account is very large, the script will time out without checking all the URLs. A workaround to this is to use the 'Campaign Includes' setting to create multiple settings for the same account. 

  2. When you run the script the first time, run it in preview mode to see the results. If everything looks good, edit the setting in Optmyzr to not run in preview mode and automatically pause and resume ads/keywords.

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