The resulting script spreadsheet has multiple tabs, one for each case. You can find the details on what each one means here. 

404 Error

  • When a URL is checked and the response is a 404 error, then it'll be logged here. This error code means that the URL wasn't found, and is incorrect.

No issues

  • This sheet has all the URLs that returned response codes 200 or 202, and which don't contain any matching text.

LP Content Warnings

  • When a URL returns a response code 200 or 202, we fetch the entire text of that page and then check for the text from the "text to monitor" fields. If such text is found, it's logged in this sheet.

Not Checked

  • The URLs that fail to return any response are logged under this issue, as they weren't checked. 500 error codes will also appear here.


  • This sheet has all the URLs that were checked and which returned any response codes.

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