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What does it do?

This Enhanced Script automatically checks the landing pages that sitelinks are linked to, and it finds sitelinks that lead to 404 error pages. You can also set up the script to find pages that contain certain phrases like 'product not found' etc. This script generates a report with URLs that lead to 404 error page.

Why doesn't the script pause the sitelinks leading to 404 landing page?

Unlike the Check Destination URL script, where the settings allow you to pause a bad landing page, the Sitelink URL Script does not have such capability, as non-performing sitelinks can only be edited or deleted - not paused. 

The only way to pause non-performing sitelinks is by pausing the campaign which is not a feasible solution. And this is the reason why we update you with the dead sitelinks using the spreadsheet report. You can take inputs from the spreadsheet to delete or edit the sitelinks in the Google Ads interface.

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