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What does it do?

This script lets you set hourly bid adjustments for every campaign in Google Ads. The Google Ads website limits users to 6 dayparts per day, but this script enables 24 hourly dayparts by updating the bid adjustments for the next 5 hours. By running this script automatically every hour, you will always have your desired bid adjustments ready for the next couple of hours. 

Does the Script stack the bids on one another?

There is no way to mix and match 'all campaigns' and single campaigns. The bid modifiers mentioned in the spreadsheet reflects the target bid adjustment so the script doesn't stack bid changes.

Campaign types supported by the script

The script updates campaign settings for all campaigns that are either active or paused. The "Hourly Campaign Level Dayparts" Enhanced Script has been tested to work with the following types of Google Ads campaigns:

  • Search

  • Search with Display Select

  • Display

  • Shopping

Supported Campaign Subtypes

The script has also been tested to work with the following campaign subtypes:

  • Dynamic Search Ads

  • Remarketing

Unsupported Campaign Types

The script does NOT support these campaign types.

  • Video (YouTube)

We will add support for these campaign types as soon as Google adds this capability on their end. 

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