Excluding products in smart shopping campaigns that are performing below a ROAS target

Google Ads limits the capability of making selective exclusion to products in a Smart Shopping Campaign, so in order to achieve this you'd need to have separate campaigns for each product.

To exclude products by their ROAS target performance, you can bucket products with similar performance using a Custom Label. It could be something like this:

  1. Winning Campaign (Contains high ROAS products)
  2. Testing Campaign (Still performing to be categorized yet)
  3. Low Performing (Contains low ROAS products)

You can decide if you want to run the campaigns with a lower ROAS target or pause them, depending on your available budget and goals. 

The value of ROAS can be fed as a Custom Label in the merchant feed, and with that information you can then create Smart Shopping Campaigns for each custom label, using the Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 

Steps to Implement the Strategy

If you'd like to implement a structure based on this strategy,  we can generate a supplemental feed for your products with ROAS performance data fed into one of the empty custom labels. You'll need to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Empty Custom Label for using ROAS data: 

You'll need to empty one of the custom label fields in your merchant center feed so that we can use it to push ROAS values.  

  • Step 2: Generation of Supplemental feed (Optmyzr will do this for you): 

Once we have a confirmation from you on which Custom Label 0-4 can be used, we'll generate the supplemental feed and send it to you with instructions to set it up in the Google Merchant Center. 

  • Step 3: Association of Supplemental feed:

The generated supplemental feed will be required to be associated with your merchant center account. This will enable us to push updated ROAS data through the Custom label field to your merchant feed. We’ll send you instructions for this along with the feed.

  • Step 4: Create required smart shopping campaigns using Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0 (Beta). 
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