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What is it?

The Shopping Attribute Bidder tool provides a more flexible way to manage shopping bids. It lets you aggregate data using attributes from the product feed and is not limited by the structure you have in the shopping campaign. 

For example, you can aggregate data by color, size, price, group ids, and more.

Even if you haven’t used an attribute as part of your product group structure, you can still see how it impacts ad performance. If you’re using groups of individual products (GRIP structure), you can even turn the insight into an intelligent optimization by letting Optmyzr find all the product groups whose bids need to be changed, because they contain products that have the desirable attributes. 

Why should you use it?

 The Shopping Attribute Bidder tool allows you to:

  • Aggregate and review data for attributes that can not be used to create product groups in Google Ads. For example, you can view performance by item group id, color, sale price, and more.

  • Change bids for product groups that advertise the same product but with different attributes like size and color.

Don't worry about restructuring shopping campaigns based on performance because this optimization aggregates data and enables you to achieve the same results. 

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