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What is it?

The Shopping Campaign Analysis tool provides a great way to get insights into your Shopping Campaigns. 

You can aggregate data from your shopping feed by performance metrics in Google Ads and attributes present in your feed. The tool is not limited by the current structure of your shopping campaign and works for standard shopping, smart shopping, and performance max campaigns.

With the Shopping Analysis tool, you can get insights to determine, for example, at which price point your products have the highest ROAS (Price > ROAS) (ROAS = Return on Ad Spend).

Use Cases

Here are a few use cases in which this tool can be helpful:

  • Using the ROAS and Price attributes you can find out at which price point products stop being profitable. This data can be exported as a CSV and used to plot charts (Price > ROAS).

  • If you're selling clothing or shoes in different sizes, see which sizes sell the most (Sizes > Conversions).

  • Find which products are not selling in your inventory and consider putting them on sale or if you have limited budget then exclude them from the feed (Conversions > Item id), (Conversions > Price).

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