The PPC Policy and Audits builder is a quick and easy way to audit your accounts, specifying the parameters to be considered, and receiving an overall average performance grade to see how everything is doing. 

You can view the details, create and save custom audits, and download the results in an Excel, PDF or .txt format.

What date ranges are used for the performance grading?

For audits related to campaigns, keywords, ad groups and ads: Last 30 days
For audits related to search query performance: Last 90 days
For audits related to ad extension and negative keywords: All time
For audits related to account performance: Real time

Do you consider RSAs and/or ETAs for the Audits?

Our audits don't include or consider Responsive Search Ads. Expanded Text Ads are considered for audits such as "Check duplicate headlines 1, 2, and 3", and "Check duplicate descriptions 1 and 2".

How are the grades defined?

The conditions and the scale that determine the grades varies based on each audit type. Rating "A" is given when the audit output is within the expected range. A "B" and "C" rating is given depending on the % of items being checked in the account that need your attention. 

For example, if we are auditing to find ad groups with more than "n" keywords, then, the grade will be given based on the following logic:

• Grade A when < 5% ad groups matching the check. 

• Grade B when < 10% ad groups matching the check. 

• If more than 10% of ad groups have more than "n" keywords, then we give a C rating.

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