This article intends to explain how Optmyzr will be handling the changes made by Google Ads' upcoming deprecation of the Average Position metric on the week of September 30th.

In Reports and data tables

When the ‘average position’ metric is no longer available from Google, we will show a dash instead of a number in reports and data tables. Within 8 weeks, we will remove all references to ‘average position’. Even if you do nothing, your scheduled reports will continue to be delivered uninterrupted to your clients and stakeholders.

Charts in reports that use the average position metric will become charts with no data. This will not break your ability to view or share these reports but it may not look great so we recommend removing these charts before Google makes the change during the week of September 30th.

In the Rule Engine

Any strategies that use the ‘average position’ metric will no longer work until you remove all references to ‘average position’.

All schedules for strategies that are running automatically and that reference ‘average position’ will stop working on Friday September 27. We will email you to tell you exactly which rules you have to update.

We have added new prebuilt strategies in Rule Engine that illustrate how to use the new metrics, ‘Impr. (Top) %’ and ‘Impr. (Abs Top) %’, to target different positions for your ads. 

For Optimizations

All optimizations will continue to offer suggestions based on our algorithms. However, you will no longer see a value for ‘average position’ if you have enabled this column in a view for an optimization. If you’re using average position in any custom filters in optimizations they will stop working. If you’re using custom filters that use average position in workouts, the workouts will throw an error so we recommend updating custom filters to not use them.

Rules-based strategies in our geo and device bid adjustment tools will no longer work with ‘average position’ but will have the new metrics for top impression % available in the coming days as Google makes them available across all reports in their API.

Alternatives to using ‘Average Position’

The Optmyzr Rule Engine can still be used to change bids (amongst many other things it can automate) based on position goals. Instead of using the ‘average position’, you can use one of the newer metrics like ‘Impr. (Top) %’ or ‘Impr. (Abs Top) %’.

For example, instead of checking for ‘Avg. position > 1’, you could check if ‘Impr. (Abs Top) % < 90’

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