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Keyword De-Duper

The Keyword De-Duper optimization helps you find duplicate keywords in your Google Ads account, within the same campaign or across campaigns, and recommends which ones you should keep and which ones you should pause. Duplicate keywords that are present more than once in the same account end up competing against each other and thus dividing the traffic. 

Why it's important

Google Ads has to choose between the duplicate keywords to enter the ad auction, getting the traffic divided, and affecting the performance. Sometimes, none of the duplicates get enough data to determine whether they are performing well or not, which affects the data collection that is required for the optimization.

What it does

It finds absolute duplicate keywords in your Google Ads account, both within and across campaigns. The system analyzes the data and then suggests the best performing duplicate keyword to keep.

How it works

The system uses an algorithm to analyze the data and performance to find which of the duplicates perform better and suggests keeping them and pausing the other ones. 

To make sure it suggests exact duplicates (same network targeting and same match type), our system checks for campaign settings like target networks, advertising channels, language, location, age range, carrier, operating system version, mobile device, gender, proximity, platform, and ad schedule. 

If the same keyword is present in two campaigns (for example, one targeting the US and the other targeting Australia), the system will not consider it a duplicate.  

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