1. I'm getting an error that says the budgets can't be accessed.

This may happen for various reasons, amongst them are:

  • It's the start of the month and the budget has no cost
  • The budget is set to 0.
  • The budget is paused with no spend for the current month.
  • There are no impressions at the beginning of the month.

Please check all these possibilities and if you still have doubts, feel free to contact us at support@optmyzr.com and we'll be glad to help out. 

2. I can't see the account I want to add to my client in the list.

There are multiple reasons this could be happening:
a. The account is not linked to Optmyzr. You can link the account to Optmyzr on the link another account page.
b. The account is already part of another client in Optmyzr. One account can only be part of one client and if an account is already part of a client, it will not be available to add to another client in Optmyzr. Therefore, it will not be visible in the list.

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