Are Amazon Ads accounts supported?

Currently, we don't support Amazon Ads accounts in the tool, but we are already working on it. You can write to to request a notification once the feature is available.

I'm getting an error that says the budgets can't be accessed

This may happen for various reasons, amongst them are:

  • It's the start of the month and the budget has no cost.

  • The budget is set to 0.

  • The budget is paused with no spend for the current month.

  • There are no impressions at the beginning of the month.

Please check all these possibilities and if you still have doubts, feel free to contact us at and we'll be glad to help out. 

I can't see the account I want to add to my client on the list

Check that the account is linked to Optmyzr. If not, you can link the account to Optmyzr on the link another account page. If you're still not seeing the account, please contact us at

If I create a new campaign, will it be included in my client?

For the time being, if you select a whole account for a client, and later on add a new campaign to it, this new campaign won't be included. We're working on supporting this!

What happens if one of my accounts gets disconnected?

We will send you an email if the system loses access to an account, along with a list of the accounts we are unable to fetch data for.

What happens if I delete a budget?

If you delete a budget from the Optimize Budgets Across Platforms tool, you'll also be deleting alerts for the same. If a user heads over to the budget group from their email, they'll see a pop-up with "Budget is invalid or deleted", and any alerts related to that budget will be instantly deleted on the Alerts page.

What is "Unknown Status" in Microsoft Ads?

In Microsoft Ads, there are shared budgets and campaign budgets, but unlike the Google Ads API, Microsoft Ads doesn't return the status of the budget. Because of this:

  • If a budget is a campaign budget, then the campaign status will be treated as a shared budget.

  • If it is a shared budget, the Microsoft API only returns data for active campaigns. Because of this, if we are unable to fetch the status of the budget, you'll see it as "unknown".

My video campaign daily budgets appear as 0 despite having budget allocated in Google Ads.

If your daily budget shows up as "0" in Optmyzr your video campaigns might be using Campaign Total Budgets, which defines the total budget for the duration of the campaign and Google Ads tries to spend your total budget evenly while taking into account higher and lower traffic days to optimize your campaign’s performance.

Please keep in mind that while Google Ads' API returns performance data for video campaigns, it doesn't support applying changes to them. This means our tools may help you make decisions or generate reports, but any changes you try to apply to them will not go through.

What happens if a campaign inside of a monitored budget group gets paused before reaching the target spend?

In this case, the system, won't re-enable that campaign. Only those campaigns that were paused by Optmyzr will be re-enabled by the system.

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