Bid Adjustments FAQs
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What bid adjustments can I apply with automated bidding strategies or smart campaigns?

For all our bid adjustment tools there are some limitations defined by Google Ads' automated bidding strategies. 

The different kinds of bid adjustments you can apply to your accounts will depend on two parameters: 

  • The Campaign Type you are managing (Eg: No bid adjustments can be applied on Smart Shopping Campaigns).

  • The Bidding Strategy which you are using (the only bid adjustments allowed on automated bidding strategies are as shown below. This is defined by Google and it's not a limitation from Optmyzr's end)

For example, in the case of Device Bid Adjustments, if you are running a Standard Shopping or Search Campaign on a Target ROAS bidding, the only device bid adjustment that you'll be able to apply is to exclude showing ads on a specific device.

But this won't be possible on Smart Shopping Campaigns, because with Smart campaigns and App campaigns, Google's machine learning automatically adjusts bids to maximize performance based on your advertising goals. For this, Google doesn't allow applying any kind of bid adjustments on Smart Campaigns.

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