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What is the use case for an add-on account?

Large agencies that have multiple account management teams, can benefit from having add-on accounts because each team can have its own Optmyzr account. This helps segment PPC accounts by the teams that are managing them.

As an agency, if your client wants to see their data in Optmyzr and you want to give them access to only their Google Ads and Microsoft accounts, getting an add-on account can help. This is because if you invite them to the parent Optmyzr account, they will have access to all the accounts that are linked.

How can I request setting up an add-on account?

You can contact or write to us via the Optmyzr interface. You can control account access by dividing Google Ads, and Microsoft accounts among the parent and add-on Optmyzr accounts. For example, only add the PPC accounts you want to give access to the add-on account and the other PPC accounts can remain linked to the parent Optmyzr account. To set up an add-on account, create a trial account and after the account is created, let us know the email used, and we'll convert it to an add-on account and associate it with your parent Optmyzr account. This process might take up to 48 hours.

How much would it cost?

The price for an add-on account is $129/month.

If you are on a six-month or annual plan, the add-on account will follow the same billing cycle and you will get an extra discount as well. On the six-month subscription, you will get a 10% discount ($696, bringing down the monthly cost to $116), on an annual subscription you will get 2 months free ($1290 for a year, bringing down the monthly cost to $108).

How will the usage of the add-on accounts be counted to calculate overages?

The parent Optmyzr account and add-on account together count towards the limit on the subscription plan for your parent account. If your parent Optmyzr account has a subscription to the Pro plan,  you can link up to 25 PPC accounts and $250K of spend. The number of accounts and spend connected to both the main account and add-on accounts are added up. 

For example, if the main account has 20 accounts linked and the add-on account links another 5 accounts, we will consider a total of 25 accounts against the limit.

If the total number of accounts and spend linked, exceeds your current limits, then you will be eligible to pay overages. You can read more about how overages are calculated here.

How many add-on accounts can I have?

There is no limit to the number of add-on accounts you can have. However, if you need more than 3 add-on accounts, talk to our support team about upgrading to the Enterprise plan because that lets you have as many add-on accounts as you need.

How can I request stopping the add-on account?

You can contact or write to us via the Optmyzr interface. The renewal will be stopped and the add-on account will be active until the end of the billing cycle. Let us know if you need to disable it on the same day.

What will happen if I cancel my Optmyzr subscription?

Canceling your Optmyzr subscription will also cancel your add-on account subscription. If the person using the add-on account is interested in keeping their Optmyzr account, they can subscribe to one of our subscription plans listed on the pricing page and we will convert their add-on account to a full Optmyzr account. 

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