Calculated Metrics on the All Accounts Dashboard
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What are Calculated Metrics?

The Calculated Metrics option allows you to add custom parameters as columns within the dashboard. You can customize the name of the calculated metric and fill in a formula using different parameters to get the statistics you want to display.

How to add Calculated Metrics?

The metrics that you can currently use to create calculated metrics are:

  • Impressions: impressions

  • Clicks: clicks 

  • Cost: cost 

  • Conversions: conv1PerClick

  • Conversion value: totalConvValue

  • All Conversions: estConv

  • All Conversion Value: estConvValue

Note: Calculated metrics are case-sensitive, so for example, "impressions" cannot be "Impressions".Some examples:

  • ROAS: totalConvValue/cost 

  • Avg. Order Value: totalConvValue/conv1PerClick

Once the calculated metrics are set up on the All Accounts dashboard, they can be used as alerts.

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