Calculated Metrics

The Calculated Metrics option allows you to add custom parameters as columns within the dashboard. You can customize the name of the calculated metric and fill in a formula using different parameters to get the statistics you want to display.

How to add calculated metrics?

The metrics that you can currently use to create calculated metrics are:

  • Impressions: impressions
  • Clicks: clicks 
  • Cost: cost 
  • Conversions: conv1PerClick
  • Conversion value: totalConvValue
  • All Conversions: estConv
  • All Conversion Value: estConvValue

Note: Calculated metrics are case-sensitive, so for example, "impressions" cannot be "Impressions".Some examples:

  • ROAS: totalConvValue/cost 
  • Avg. Order Value: totalConvValue/conv1PerClick
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