What are Campaign Groups?

Campaign groups are a feature in Google Ads where you can group similar campaigns and put them together in a group. A campaign can be added to only one campaign group at a time. It can’t belong to multiple campaign groups.

How are Campaign Groups used in the Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0?

In the Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0, when multiple campaigns are created they are created as part of a campaign group. Shopping campaigns that are part of a campaign group are refreshed together and allow the refresher to also create new campaigns when required. For example, if there are 14 brands in a feed and you chose to create one campaign for each brand, the shopping campaign builder 2.0 will create 14 campaigns and put them in one campaign group. When a new brand is added to the feed, the shopping refresher 2.0 will check the campaign group and when it finds that there is no campaign for the 15th brand, it will create a new one. 

What happens when I remove campaigns from a campaign group created by the Shopping Builder 2.0?

When campaigns are removed from a campaign group that was created by the shopping builder 2.0, they are treated as not being there and the shopping refresher 2.0 may create a duplicate campaign.

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