Performance of Amazon Ads accounts can be viewed alongside Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts on the MCC dashboard. The data for Amazon accounts is cached for the last 30 days to enable us to load the data faster. Therefore, there are some limitations on date ranges supported for Amazon Ads. More details below:

Date Ranges Supported

Only date ranges that can be computed from the last 30-days are supported. 

The following are the date ranges that we support:

  • Last 7 days (from yesterday to 8 days back)
  • Last 14 days (from yesterday to 15 days back)
  • Last 30 days (from yesterday to 31 days back)
  • Yesterday
  • Day before Yesterday
  • Last week
  • Custom (The date range has to be between yesterday and 31 days back)
    Offset (The date range with the offset has to be between yesterday and 31 days back)

Any date range that includes Today will not work for Amazon Ads accounts.

Metrics Supported

All the metrics that are supported by Google Ads and Microsofts Ads are also supported for Amazon Ads.

Networks & Devices

Since Amazon doesn’t have the concept of networks and devices, we ignore any network and device settings that are selected on the dashboard and show overall data. 

Comparison Mode (Starred Accounts)

If we are able to fetch the data for comparison, the system will display it otherwise it will throw an error. 

Notes and Tags

Notes and tags are supported.

Alerts and Trends

We DO NOT support alerts or trends for Amazon Ads accounts.

Bulk Edits

Bulk edits are supported.

Renaming your Amazon Ads Accounts

You can rename your Amazon Ads accounts on the MCC Dashboard by pressing on either Bulk Edit or on the Edit icon next to the account, as highlighted below:

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