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Running the Flexible Budgets Script on more than 50 Accounts Simultaneously
Running the Flexible Budgets Script on more than 50 Accounts Simultaneously
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Is it possible to run the script on more than 50 accounts simultaneously?

Google Ads only allows an MCC script to be run on 50 accounts in parallel at once and has a running time limit of 60 minutes. This means that if a user has more than 50 accounts with active settings for the same script, it'll run for the first 50 accounts, then from account Nº 51 on, and so on and so forth. 

For example, let's say you have 120 accounts with active settings for the Flexible Budgets script. The first 50 accounts will only run every 4th hour, as the sequence will be something like this: 

  • First 50 accounts; 1st hour. 

  • Next 51 to 101 accounts; 2nd hour.

  • Next 102 to 120 accounts; 3rd hour.

  • Then back to the first 50 accounts in the 4th hour. 

Reminder: This time and account limitation is defined by Google Ads.

Is there a workaround for the Flexible Budgets script?

Since the Flexible Budgets script is critical, and should run for all the accounts on an hourly basis, we have come up with a solution which enables you to run the script in more than 50 accounts simultaneously. This works by splitting the accounts across multiple "versions" or "copies" of the scripts in such way that no version has more than 45 accounts.

How do I set this up?

Our suggestion would be to create various versions of the script settings, as needed, and limit each script to 45 accounts. For example:

  • Flexible Budgets Script: first 45 accounts.

  • Flexible Budgets Script 1: next 45 accounts.

  • Flexible Budgets Script 2: next 45 accounts.

  • and so on.

For each script (Flexible Budgets Script, Flexible Budgets Script 1, Flexible Budgets Script 2) you'll need to download the MCC level script, and install and run separately in Google Ads. You'll need to schedule these scripts to run every hour (same settings as the existing script).

Please note that it is important for the existing script to stay enabled for us to set-up the other scripts.

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