Is the data for the previous day in Amazon accurate in Optmyzr?

Although there can be timezone differences, the data for previous day is accurate.

What campaign types can I see data for, in the Optmyzr dashboard? And which campaigns types are not shown?

We currently support SP (sponsored products) and SB (sponsored brands) and data for both of these is shown.

Are there campaign any types that are not imported into Optmyzr’s dashboard? 

There is a third type SD (sponsored display) which we don’t support yet because the APIs are still in beta for Amazon.

Why there are discrepancies between the data available in Optmyzr dashboard versus the Amazon Ads interface?

Since we do not support sponsored display, any data related to video ads will not be picked up by Optmyzr. This means that the main dashboard will only show data for sponsored products and sponsored brands. 

What's the time zone used in Optmyzr for Amazon Ads?

It's important to note that we display data in GMT, which might be different from your Amazon Ad's Account timezone.

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