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Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Ads in Optmyzr

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Computed Metrics Supported

  1. Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS): Formula: 14-Day Attributed Sales/ Ad Spend

  2. Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS %): Formula: (Ad Spend / 14 Day Attributed Sales) * 100

  3. Cost Per Click (CPC): Formula: Spend / Clicks

  4. Click Through Rate (CTR %): Formula: (Clicks / Impressions) * 100

Note: These metrics are not available for ASINs.


Amazon doesn’t support network-level segmentation. So, you’ll have to choose all the networks, or else the system will throw an error.


Amazon doesn’t support device-level segmentation. So, you’ll have to choose all the devices, or else the system will throw an error.

What campaign types can I see data for, in the Optmyzr dashboard?

We currently support SP (Sponsored Products), SB (Sponsored Brands), SD (Sponsored Display), and SBVs (Sponsored Brand Videos).

Which Marketplaces are supported?

Each Amazon account has a marketplace (in Amazon), but only the following marketplaces are supported in Optmyzr: US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AU, IN, AE, JP, MX, BR, SG, BE, EG, SA. Any new marketplace added by Amazon for Sponsored Ads (products/brands) is automatically supported by Optmyzr.

Why are there discrepancies between the data available in the Optmyzr dashboard versus the Amazon Ads interface?

You may experience a few discrepancies in data due to late attribution, and differences in the traffic validation and data refresh processes. This comes from the API side. However, it should not exceed 5% and usually goes away after a little while as updated reports are fetched from the API.

What's the time zone used in Optmyzr for Amazon Ads?

It's important to note that we display data in GMT, which might be different from your Amazon Ad's Account timezone.

Why am I only seeing the account IDs and not the names assigned in Amazon?

At the moment, Amazon only returns friendly account names for vendors and not for seller accounts. This is the reason why we show seller accounts by ID only.

As a workaround, you can change the names of these accounts on the MCC Dashboard by clicking on Bulk Edit, or the Edit icon next to the account name.

Can I modify bids for Automated Targeting Campaigns?

For Automated Targeting campaigns, Amazon allows you to modify bids for different targeting groups like loose match, close match, complements, etc., which is different from manual, where you can modify bids for specific keywords or products. To modify bids for automated campaigns, you can create a custom Rule Engine strategy from scratch using the Targeting scope and selecting 'Product'. Read more about Rule Engine here.

Are Amazon Ads supported in Multi-Account Reporting?

Yes! The available widgets for Amazon Ads in Multi-Account reports are:

  • KPI

  • Performance Summary

  • Performance Trend

  • Top campaigns

  • Performance Comparison

  • Time-Wise Stats

Recap of all platforms supported in multi-account reports - Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and Google Analytics.

Why is the data for the last three days excluded from Amazon Ads?

The Amazon Ads API doesn't return accurate performance data for the last three days. The data keeps changing and is updated over that period of time. Therefore, to maintain data accuracy we are excluding the last three days of data from the calculation in all Amazon Ads tools.

For example, if you select the date range 'Last 30 days', you'll see the data for 30 days instead of 27 days. Do note, however, that the system will offset the dates only if these lie in the last 3 days period from today.

If you're using multi-account reports, we recommend scheduling reports for the 4th or 5th of the month to ensure that the Amazon Ads data for the last month is complete and accurate.

What date ranges can we see data for?

We cache 60 days of historical data when an Amazon account is first linked, so if you set a date range longer than 60 days in any tool on the day of linking you will receive an error. But the day after you link you can use 61 days and the next day 62 days and so on. So, after one year you can use a date range of 365 days + 60 days. Also, since the API does not guarantee the last 3 days of data, technically after one year, you can use 365 + 57 days. A 400 error will be generated if a longer date range than permitted is attempted.

I'm not able to see linked Amazon accounts on the 'Link Accounts to Optmyzr' page but they are connected and available across all Optmyzr tools

If you cannot see your linked Amazon account on the page but you can view its data in other Optmyzr tools, it's because you have read-only access provided for it. It would just be not visible on the Linked Accounts page. To be able to see it please ask your admin to change your access level. Learn more about access controls in Amazon here.

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