• Do the account alerts check unlinked accounts?

The system will only check the accounts that are active and show the alerts for those accounts only.

  • If I create an alert today, when will it start getting triggered?

If alerts are created today, the system will trigger them tomorrow, as it is a scheduled process.

  • Which labels are supported?

We support Google Ads and Microsoft Ads labels (not optmyzr labels).

  • How are the Bid strategy and Label level alerts managed?

The system calculates the average of all the campaigns with a particular Bid strategy or Label and based on that trigger an alert.

  • Do you take care of access levels while showing the alerts?

Yes, the alerts will be shown to those accounts who have access to the information as per the previously defined access levels.

  • When are the alerts triggered?

The alerts are triggered by the next day for each account. This means you will receive the emails in the evening of your account time zone.

  • Do the alerts also flag out when there is a positive deviation from the target?

No, the Account Alerts are only meant to notify you when there is a negative performance in your selected target.

  • Can I create a duplicate alert for the same metric and for the same set of campaigns?

No, you can create an alert for an individual campaign and an alert for a set of campaigns with the same metric, but two campaigns can't be used in two different sets of campaign alerts.

For example, if you have Campaign A, B, and C you can create an alert for Cost in campaign A, and for Cost in campaign A+B together. However, if you already have Cost in A+B set up, you can't create an alert for Cost in campaign B+C, as B is already being used in campaign set "A+B".

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