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Where are receipts sent?

Receipts are sent automatically (by default) to the main email associated with the Optmyzr account. If you would like to receive a copy, you can request it at

Where can I see my invoice?

Invoices are available at 'View Payment History And Invoices' under 'Settings & Users' in your Optmyzr account settings.

What information is available in my invoice?

Company details:

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • VAT (if applicable)

  • Optmyzr account owner

Billing details

  • Information about the subscription

How can I update/edit my billing/company details?

Under 'Settings & Users' on your Optmyzr account settings, on 'Update Billing Information you will be able to add additional information to your invoices or update company details.

Are the changes going to be available on my previous invoices or just future invoices?

Details added will be available on future invoices only (except company name and address). If you need the information to be available on previous invoices too, please contact to see if you are eligible.

How to add recipients to my invoices?

Under 'Settings & Users' on your Optmyzr account settings, on 'Update Recipient Emails' you will be able to add and remove email recipients

If you don't see this option, you can send a request to


Why am I being charged extra?

All subscription plans in Optmyzr have a spend limit and a number of accounts included.

If your Optmyzr account is exceeding the plan limits, you are eligible to pay for overages. Read how overages are calculated here.

If you would like to evaluate a different subscription to avoid paying overages, you can write to

Will I be billed for all the extra accounts that were part of my MCC, even if I already unlinked them?

The system only considers an account to be linked for billing purposes if it has been linked for more than 2 days or an optimization has been applied. If you connect an account for less than 2 days and don't apply any changes through Optmyzr, it won't be considered linked for the month (in case you need to audit accounts with Optmyzr before optimizing them).

I do not see the data refreshed in the Settings page even after unlinking the accounts.

Overages (for extra spend or additional accounts connected over the limit) are calculated for the calendar month and not by the subscription/billing cycle.

If the unlinked accounts aren't eligible to be counted as part of the overages for the current calendar month (e.g. you had 2 accounts connected for less than 2 days or the accounts have <$10 spend), then the count will be updated within 48 hours.

If the unlinked accounts are eligible to be billed for the current month, then they won’t be removed from the count until the end of the calendar month.


Can I change the credit card?

If you are using a credit card but you need to update it/change it, you can do it on 'Change Card' under 'Settings & Users' in your Optmyzr account settings.

Can I change the payment method?

Our primary payment method is by credit card, but if you would like a different payment method, you can write to to evaluate the alternatives we can offer you based on your subscription.

If you are paying via invoicing and you want to start paying via credit card automatically, you can write to so we can make the change.


How do I cancel my subscription? Do the subscriptions renew automatically?

When you subscribe to Optmyzr, your subscription is set to be renewed automatically, and as our plans are not contract-based, you can cancel them at any time.

If you don’t want to auto-renew your subscription, you can contact before your renewal date to let them know. The cancellation can take up to 2 working days to be processed.

If I cancel my subscription, can I get a refund?

Refunds are available for 6-month and annual plans only. Please note that a transaction fee is deducted from the final amount.

When issuing a refund, we consider the normal price for the months effectively used in the subscription (not the price with the annual or six-month discount).

If you have any questions about refunds you can contact us at and we will confirm how much the refund will be.

Breakdown of the Settings Page

  • Subscription details: Information about your subscription and billing cycle.

  • View Payment History and Invoices: Detailed information about past invoices and payments you've made since you subscribed to Optmyzr.

  • Change Card: Use it to update your credit card details. It’s only visible if your current payment method is a credit card.

  • Update Billing Information: Section to add additional information to your invoice (like VAT if it’s not already included, or additional information about the company).

  • Add recipient email: add the email of additional team members who should receive receipts. If someone should no longer receive receipts, you'll be able to remove them through this window.

  • Billing information: Includes information about the subscription limits (accounts you can connect, spend you can have) as well as rates for exceeding the limits (and how much would you be eligible to pay).

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