My Tasks Page

On the "my task" page you'll find a list of all the active and completed tasks, filtered by account and team member. You can also see which blueprint that task is associated with.

If you don't have any tasks assigned to you yet, you'll see the following screen with the link to build for your first blueprint.

Due date colors:

  • Red: Overdue tasks.

  • Green: Task due this week.

  • Grey: Tasks due later.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see a "play" icon, under Action. This will send you directly to the tool to review or complete the task.

The tasks will be grouped up by account and date, so when you press on the task group, you'll see the details and can choose to start from any of the tasks listed. The grouped tasks will be listed as "account name (account number) workitems (number of tasks), as follows:

Once you press on one of the grouped tasks you'll see the details and can follow actions when available.

The "Archive Tasks" tab on the upper right corner gives you the option to archive any tasks overdue by more than 7 days, or all overdue tasks.

There are different options when it comes to archiving overdue tasks:

  • Individually for each overdue task.

  • Archive overdue tasks in a group - the message on hover will mention the number of overdue tasks that will be archived.

Note: It is not possible to archive tasks that are due in the future.

Once inside the tool, you'll see three main things on the menu:

  • An "i" next to the tool name. Hover over this icon to see a description of the tasks you've added.

  • "My tasks". Press here to be taken back to your main "My tasks" page.

  • "Next tasks". Press here to be taken to the next task. To do so, you'll need to select whether to mark this task as complete (even if no changes were made) or to skip it for now.

Note: the "next task" button will only go through the tasks which are due for the current week.

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