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Suggested Bids for Amazon - User Guide
Suggested Bids for Amazon - User Guide
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What is it?

The Suggested bid Optimization identifies keywords using the information provided by the Amazon API to suggest bid changes for better performance.

How to use it

Setting up the Parameters

First, select the campaigns you want to see suggestions for, then you can choose to see top suggestions or set up your own filter (to customize based on the current bid and suggested bid).

You can turn on the Advanced mode to access more settings and metrics.

Set the new bids for the selected keywords. You can either do it automatically by pressing the Set Bids menu (A in the screenshot) or manually edit it on "New Bid" (B in the screenshot).

For automatic updates, you can choose a percentage number and click update. For example, if you select "suggested bid + 10%", the bid will be increased 10% above the suggested bid provided by the Amazon API.

For manual updates, you can set a specific new bid of your choice.

You'll see a list of results for suggested keywords with the following information:

Current Bid: the current bid of the keyword.

Suggested bid: recommendation coming from the Amazon API.

New Bid: the new bid after the percentage increase. You can modify it depending on your requirements.

Note: The Suggested Min and Suggested Max are ranges given by the Amazon API.

After you are done reviewing the results, you can click the Apply Changes button and the system will ask you for confirmation before uploading the new bids to your Amazon account. Like most of our optimizations, you can download the results as a CSV.

Tips to use the Suggested bid

Because the bid increase can take some time to affect the account performance, we recommend running the optimization every 7-14 days.

If you have any questions, send a message to our support team and they will be happy to help you :).

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