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What is it?

The Auction Insights Visualizer is a free Optmyzr tool that enables you to generate charts using the Google Ads auction insights reports. As this data is not currently available via API, this tool helps you visualize that data for stakeholders.

How does it work?

First, you'll need to download the auction insights report from the Google Ads dashboard. You can do this by going to the Campaigns menu in the navigation panel, clicking on Auction insights, and on "download". You'll see a drop-down menu and if you go under "more options" you can select different segmentation options. Multiple days must be included in your date range.

Once you have downloaded the file, head over to the Auction Insights Visualizer, and upload it. You can drag and drop or upload from the screen.

The Visualizer will generate the associated chart.

Please note: the reports are not stored, so if you need to, please print or download the charts before closing the page.

Why you should use it

The Auction Insights Visualizer allows you to compare the performance of other advertisers participating in the same auction. This information is provided in the Google Ads interface, however, the data-table format is harder to interpret than a chart visualization. The format offered by Optmyzr also helps you understand how a competitor's behavior has changed over time.

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