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Amazon Ads - Optmyzr Express
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Optmyzr Express shows you optimization suggestions across accounts. It is designed to work as a to-do list and lets you breeze through multiple optimization tasks in minutes! The suggestions for each task are based on predefined algorithms. You can hover over any text with a dotted underline to get more information on why the suggestion was made.

Each optimization has an 'Apply' button that applies the changes directly to the Amazon Ads account and a 'Snooze' button that lets you snooze it for a day, week, or month.

We currently support the following Optmyzr Express optimizations for Amazon Ads. The date range used to analyze data is the last 45 days (with a 3-day offset - ignore data for the last three days for correctness).

Add Negative Keywords

Suggests adding queries that are not relevant to your ads as negatives to cut irrelevant traffic and save cost. These are queries that haven’t performed well and can be added as negatives. Adding these keywords as negatives will help in reducing the overall spend of the accounts to which they’re added. The match types available are Negative phrase and negative exact (Amazon doesn't support negative broad).

Add New Keywords

Add high-performing, relevant queries as keywords to your account and manage the bids, as well as the ad copy, more closely. The search terms that are recommended to be added as keywords are not present as keywords in your account and are performing well. You can also choose to add them in either exact, phrase, or broad match type.

Pause Non-Converting Keywords

Suggests keywords that are accruing cost but have not converted. They can be paused to reduce cost and improve ACoS.

Pause Product Targets

Suggests product targets that are accruing cost but have not converted. They can be paused to reduce wasted spend and focus more on better-performing targets.

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