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You can manage roles directly from the user roles page which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Advanced Options’ button on the Blueprints page.

On the User Roles page, you can:

Create a new role

To create a new role click on the ‘Create a new role’ button and add a relevant role title and description to it.

Edit an existing role

Using this option you can change the assignee of an already existing role.

The drop-down will only show the team members who have access to the selected account.

Bulk edit roles for single or multiple accounts

You can edit a single role for multiple accounts, multiple roles for a single account, or multiple roles for multiple accounts in one go. While editing in bulk you can see the total number of accounts and roles selected for edit.

The drop-down will only show the team members who have access to all the selected accounts.

Filter to view only required data

You can filter the view based on account, role, or team member.

View unassigned roles

By clicking this option you can view all those roles that do not have an assignee. It might also include roles that are assigned for some accounts but unassigned for others. To view the data only for unassigned accounts you can use the filter option Un-Assigned under the Team Member column.

Use cases:

  1. If you want to assign 5 roles to person A and 4 roles to person B you don't have to assign each role individually to a single person but can select the 5 roles all at once and assign it to a single person using bulk edit.

  2. If a specific team member leaves the team, you can filter out the roles by that specific team member, and using select all and bulk edit you can assign all those roles to a new team member.

Note: All the changes made on the user roles page are directly reflected in the blueprints.

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