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What is the Score Traffic Segments tool?

The Score Traffic Segments helps you score segments of your audience based on how valuable they are to your business.

The tool provides you with the Analytics data that could be assessed while scoring a segment. It serves to consider other important business aspects like Customer Long Term Value or Expected Contract Value while making value adjustments. It's not just the usual machine data that are already observable by Google, but your own knowledge and understanding that's put into work!

When you open the tool for the first time, you will see some text about what this tool does and how you can use it.

How to score an audience segment?


Before scoring an audience segment, make sure that you've connected your Google Ads account to Optmyzr.

It'd be better if you connected your Google Analytics account as well to Optmyzr, as you'll be able to view more data in the scoring process to make better scoring decisions.

Now, we'll explain how to score an audience segment using a screenshot.

Using the slider, you can assign any number between 1 and 5 — 1 being the least valuable and 5 being the most valuable.

You can set a score right there or skip the card by clicking 'Skip' or the close button on the top right. If you have set a score, click 'Save & Next.' A new scorecard appears, asking you to assign a score.

We are currently allowing users to score values in 5 different segments: City, Region, Country, Device Category, and Audience.

The segments of City, Region, and Country will have data available from both Ads and Analytics. The segment Device will have data only from Google Analytics. And the segment Audience will have data available only from Google Ads.

If you want to score a segment once again, click on 'Score This Segment' on the extreme right of a segment. You won't be able to change your older score here, but you can assign a new score.

Anybody in your team who uses Optmyzr can assign a score to a segment. The team score for each segment is going to be calculated by giving higher importance to the most recent score given to that segment.

Note: If you've only connected your Google Ads account but not your Google Analytics account, you'll be able to see only the 'Clicks' data when you're scoring a segment.

How does Score Traffic Segments help you?

Once we get a sufficient number of scores from your team, we will use that data to suggest conversion value rules to you in the Optimize Value Rules - VBB tool.

Please note that the scores from the Segment Scorer are prerequisites to using the Optimize Value Rules - VBB tool.

For example, let's say you have set a score of 4.5 on an average across your team for an audience segment from North America.

Based on this score, Optmyzr can suggest to you later that this segment seems very valuable and ask you if you'd like to set a higher conversion value to it, say 20% more than the normal conversion value, by suggesting a conversion value rule to that segment.

In such a way, this tool helps you figure out what's best for your business faster based on data-driven decisions.

Score Segments in Bulk

You can update scores for multiple segments easily using the bulk score feature. You can also share the template with your other team members to get information on the scores (or values) for different categories or segments.

1. Download Template

Download the template to get the list of all segments and related data like team scores, sessions, and clicks. Populate the 'Score to apply' column for all the required segments with a relevant score. You can assign any value from 1 to 5.

For any invalid value for a score, the tool will ignore and not update data for that particular segment. We suggest you do not make any other changes to the rest of the data in the template, or those particular rows will be considered invalid and skipped by the tool.

2. Upload Template

Upload the same template with the new scores to apply the changes in the tool.

Erase previous scores data

If you have previously scored the updated segments (which may have a new score in the template), selecting this option would delete the data on your previous scores. This way, just the new score would be considered to suggest conversion value adjustment. Otherwise, the Optimize Value Rules - VBB tool will consider the average of all the scores that were assigned to a particular segment to date.

Note: Only CSV format is supported for the upload file.

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