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What is it

The ‘Mobile Apps Exclusion tool’ is an optimization that allows you to exclude all the low-performing mobile app placements that are costing you money but not resulting in any conversion.

The tool will list out all your mobile app placements with exactly 0 conversions in the last 30 days and with cost greater than zero.

You will be able to exclude both types of automatic placements; for IOS and Android apps at the ad-group level in bulk.

The results will show you each placement (URL) corresponding to the campaign and ad group for which the ad appeared. The cost column indicates the cost of the placement in the last 30 days and placement type tells whether it’s an iPhone app or Android app placement. You can choose to filter your placements based on the cost by changing the optimization settings.

For example, if you wish to ignore placements with relatively lower costs and filter out those with spend > x amount, you can set the maximum cost to be x and it will show you only those placements which have cost you x or a greater amount.

Note: By default, the tool shows results for 30 days date range.

Clicking on the ‘Apply’ button will exclude all the selected mobile app placements from your google ads account.

View Analysis

By clicking on the ‘View Analysis’ button you'll know the total number of placements that entered the optimization and how many got eligible to be excluded. You can choose to copy it as a Rule Engine strategy (only if you have access to Rule Engine) and filter your results by changing the base conditions or even date range. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Add strategy to your rule engine account’ button which can be seen after clicking on the ‘View Analysis’ button.

Demo Video

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