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How can I get alerts in Slack?

You can receive the alerts generated for your accounts in Slack. To start receiving alerts from Optmyzr on Slack, you first need to give Optmyzr permission here. This integration is set up at the user level, and alerts are sent to individual users in Slack.

You will receive the same alerts on Slack that you were receiving in your email.

We support alerts on Slack for all current platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads & Amazon ads).

Note: You can only give or revoke permission for your own Slack account.

At the moment, we only support receiving Optmyzr alerts on Slack. If you would like to see another feature be integrated with Slack, you can share your request with our support team.

Alerts will be triggered anytime during the day, and all metric alerts associated with a specific account will get triggered together. Accounts with the same time zone will get triggered with a few minutes difference.

Note: You will be notified of anomaly alerts on Slack.

It is not possible to change the frequency or to filter by severity or alert type. If you edit any alert for a specific account, alerts will be updated and re-triggered immediately on Slack as well. Clicking on the button view on Slack will redirect you to the Alerts triggered page.

Note: The Optmyzr App is listed on the Slack Apps directory.

You will, however, be notified automatically as soon as an alert is triggered. You will be receiving notifications only if your name is appearing on the email notification column, if you are the owner of the account defined on the MCC Dashboard, or if you have the account "starred" as a favorite. You can edit these settings on the Alert Management page.

Once your Slack account is connected successfully with Optmyzr, you will receive a confirmation message, as shown below.

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