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Now you can receive Optmyzr notifications and alerts delivered directly to the place where you and your team hang out the most — Microsoft Teams.

How to connect Optmyzr to Microsoft Teams

If you already have a Microsoft Teams account set up, you can search for Optmyzr in the library app.

You will be requested to connect your Optmyzr account and then give permission to access your triggered alerts and send notifications on Microsoft Teams.

Once it is linked successfully, you will receive a notification on Teams and your Optmyzr account.

You can manage to view the integration status for each member of your Optmyzr team on this page which can be found under the 'Users and Settings' section.

Note: You can only give or revoke permission for your own Microsoft Teams account.

How to get notified on Microsoft Teams

Whenever an alert is triggered, your team will be notified on Microsoft Teams as part of the Chat for the Optmyzr app.

Alerts will be triggered any time during the day. And all the metric alerts associated with a specific account will get triggered together.

Accounts that are under the same time zone will get triggered with a few minutes' difference.

If you edit an alert for a specific account, it will be updated and re-triggered immediately on your Microsoft Teams account. Clicking on the button view will take you to the Alerts triggered page with the Account selected filtered.

Note: At the moment we only support receiving Optmyzr alerts on Microsoft Teams.

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