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Overview: Budget Management Tools
Overview: Budget Management Tools
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Optimize Budgets - Single Account

The Optimize Budgets - Single Account tool lets you optimize budgets for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads by translating them from monthly to daily budgets. This can be done to achieve a target or allocate more budget to campaigns that are driving more leads/sales.

You can access the tool here and the detailed user guide here.

Optimize Budgets - Multi Account Portfolio

This tool lets you track, monitor, and change campaign budgets across multiple accounts and platforms (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook).

You'll first need to create a portfolio using the PPC Portfolio Manager. A portfolio can include more than one account from different platforms.

For information on how to use the PPC Portfolio Manager, read this article.

The next step is setting up Budget Groups. A budget group can contain campaigns from different accounts that are present in a single portfolio. Each budget group has one target monthly spend.

You can access the tool here and the detailed user guide here.

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