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To open up the linked account management page, you can click on ‘Link Another Account' in the left column of your All Accounts dashboard (Optmyzr home).

Search for Particular Login or Name

The search bar in the Manage Linked Accounts page can help you filter out email logins by account type. You can use this to know how many instances are present for each platform.

On the Manage Linked Accounts page, you'll see all the account types on the left side.

Re-Link a Google Ads Account

To re-link a Google Ads account through another Google Ads login email, add the new Google Ads login email (or select the Google Ads login you want to use), find the Google Ads account ID of the account which you'd like to relink, and click on the relink option next to the account name.

Change the Google Ads Account Name

You can modify the account name in Optmyzr by clicking on the icon next to the account name.

Note: You will only change the name in Optmyzr's interface. It won't affect the name of your account on Google Ads.

Sync Account Names to Optmyzr

Click on the hamburger menu to use the option to sync account names to Optmyzr. Clicking on this option will update all the account names to the Google Ads interface account names. So if you have changed your account name in the Google Ads interface, you can use this option to see the changes in Optmyzr.

Unlink an Account

To remove any linked account, simply hover over the account on the All Accounts Dashboard, and you'll see an 'x' to remove it.

Unlink a Login

To unlink a login (for all supported platforms), you can head over to the linked accounts page and press on the hamburger menu, then "unlink login."

To remove a login, there should be no accounts associated with that login. If there are any, you'll see a pop-up message with the option to select a different login to relink to.

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