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Shopping Campaign Refresher 2.0
Shopping Campaign Refresher 2.0 - Important Information
Shopping Campaign Refresher 2.0 - Important Information
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The Shopping Campaign Refresher 2.0 helps keep Google Ads Shopping campaigns in sync with the merchant feed.

This tool can run on campaigns previously created with the Shopping Campaign Builder 2.0, as well as campaigns created with other tools.

Everything Else Groups

It's very important to note that the Product Group Refresher only recommends product groups when the associated 'Everything Else' group is included. If it is excluded, the tool will ignore new products that were added to the feed under that split because the assumption is that anything that falls into 'Everything Else' should not show ads.

If you are seeing that the Product Group Refresher isn't recommending new additions, you have to include the Everything Else product group from the Google Ads interface, and then re-sync the Merchant Feed with Optmyzr. This will ensure the updating of the campaign with all the products in the Feed.

Getting Recommendations

Make sure you follow these steps to get recommendations when refreshing campaigns with multiple ad groups created outside of Optmyzr.

  1. Add a prefix (Eg: Format like "AD - " i.e. "ADspacebar-spacebar") to the ad group names in the Google Ads interface for Shopping Refresher Pro to identify them.

  2. Once you have pre-fix in place, you can run Shopping Campaign Builder by choosing the split - Brand > Item ID, with ad group creation strategy set to an ad group for each Brand. You can choose to work on an existing campaign, choose the split by, and then edit the prefix for all.

  3. Going forward, since you'll have a consistent campaign structure and ad groups names with pre-fix, the Product Group Refresher will be able to give you all the suggestions for adding new ad groups and product groups.

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