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Optmyzr's Affiliate Program
Optmyzr's Affiliate Program
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If you are interested in being an advocate for Optmyzr, we invite you to join Optmyzr's global Affiliate program.

As an Affiliate, you are eligible to earn referral fees when referring new customers to Optmyzr. You can choose to be both a partner and an affiliate or just one of the two.

We think our affiliates should genuinely believe that Optmyzr is an amazing tool for managing PPC, so only active customers of Optmyzr can qualify to become one.

Our program's most successful members are those who continue to educate their referrals on ways to use Optmyzr to manage accounts better.

If you'd like to become a member of the program, please apply today!

Affiliate Program

  • How to refer to new users

When you join our affiliate program, you will get a tracking link to share with your referrals so that we can track trial signups and paid signups.

  • What's the referral bonus for you

You will earn a 10% lifetime commission from your referral's Optmyzr subscription (as long as the user remains subscribed).

  • When you'll be paid

Commissions are calculated once a month and will include all subscription fees paid by your referrals through the prior month.

Because customers sometimes (though rarely) request a refund, we only pay commissions after the typical refund period has passed. In other words, you will be eligible to receive the referral fee a month after your referral subscribes to a paid plan.

How to tell users what Optmyzr is:

Here are some ideas for how to promote Optmyzr with your affiliate link:

  • Write a blog post about how you've used Optmyzr

  • Create a how-to video about Optmyzr

  • Share a tip of a recent PPC success that you achieved with Optmyzr on social media

If you want us to talk to your referral directly, feel free to copy

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