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Campaign Automator - Build RSAs from ETAs in Bulk
Campaign Automator - Build RSAs from ETAs in Bulk
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As Google sunsets ETAs, making Responsive Search Ads the only Search ad type that can be created or edited in standard Search campaigns, a new feature has been added to Campaign Automator that helps you use your ETA templates data to build RSAs templates across your Campaign Buildout Templates.

You can find this feature under Bulk Options > Bulk Edit Templates.

How does it work?

After selecting bulk edit templates, you’ll be prompted to choose which templates you’d like to modify. You can choose to edit all templates across all your accounts, all global templates, or select specific templates by account.

Once you’ve selected the templates to edit, you’ll see two different options under ‘Build RSA Ads

The first option ‘Merge ETA ads to RSA ads’ should be selected. This will check ETA templates within an Ad Group and use ad component data from all ad templates to build a single RSA per Ad Group. This will modify the Campaign Buildout Template; however, RSAs won’t be created in Google Ads until the templates run, either manually or automatically.

The second option ‘Pause Automated Templates’ will take care of pausing the automation of all templates in which RSAs will be created. You can select this option if you’d like to review the new RSA templates and make any modifications before the ads are created.

Once you click ‘update’, you’ll see a summary of how many buildout templates were processed and how many of them were modified. You’ll also see the name of the buildout template, the account where it’s located, its status (if it was updated or not), automation status (if automation was paused or not), and how many RSA templates were added.

You can also download the summary as a CSV to review it later.

Invalid RSA Ad Templates

Under ‘ETA to RSA ad template result’, the system will show you how many valid or invalid RSA Ad Templates were added.

Invalid RSA templates might be a result of an Ad Group not having enough ETA ad component data to create an RSA template that meets Google Ads requirements.

You can fix invalid RSA templates by going to the Campaign Buildout Template and modifying the RSA template to meet requirements. You can learn more about these requirements here.

Reenabling Automations

If you’ve chosen to Pause Automated Templates, you’ll need to enable the automation schedules once the templates have been reviewed.

You can do this on the Automation Schedules page. You can use the filters to quickly find disabled Campaign Automator schedules and enable them in bulk.

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