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Smart Exclusions for Apps and Display
Smart Exclusions for Apps and Display
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What does this tool do?

The Smart Placement Exclusions for Apps and Display Network tool will protect your Google Ads account from showing ads on low-quality placement on the Google Display Network including mobile apps. This helps conserve your ad budget by avoiding expenditures on clicks that are unlikely to result in sales or conversions.

Why should I use this tool?

This tool uses data from thousands of Google Ads accounts to proactively find bad placements. Instead of waiting for these placements to spend money on wasted clicks and then excluding them, the tool proactively excludes them.

The tool will automatically protect your account from showing ads on these placements and in the process save money that can be spent on more valuable clicks.

How does the tool find placements to exclude?

We use data from thousands of accounts and millions of clicks to identify bad placements. These placements have universally led to high clicks, no conversions, and wasted spend across accounts.

This tool provides a ranked list of the worst placements, curated based on Optmyzr-wide data. You can review the number of new underperforming placements discovered on the right side.

You can also preview sample data from our collected research data to get an idea of the type of placements the tool would exclude.

The tool only analyzes campaigns that are a part of Display, Multi-Channel, Video channel, or Pmax channel and content network. This limitation is attributed to the availability of placement data (reports) provided by Google exclusively for these campaign types.

How does the tool exclude placements?

The tool will recommend excluding websites, mobile app placements, and YouTube channels. Those will be excluded at the account level in your Google Ads account. It will not affect the placements that have been excluded manually outside of Optmyzr.

How do I protect my account using the tool?

You can simply click on 'Activate' after which you will receive a confirmation screen. Once you agree, the tool will start protecting the Google Ads account that you are in. This tool is an add-on and can be activated per account. You will only be billed for the spend the tool saves and only for the Google Ads account it is activated for.

The price is 20% of wasted spend on protected campaigns or, $10 whichever is higher, and will be billed monthly. Before you confirm the activation of the tool, you will see an estimated cost for the first month.

Advanced Settings

These settings are completely optional and are only there to give you more control. They are not required to be used for the tool to work.

Under advanced settings, you can review the number of placements recommended by our system for each category (Websites, Mobile Apps and YouTube Channels). You can set a maximum number of placements that you’d like to exclude for each category. The tool will keep refreshing the list of negative placements in the Google Ads account regularly. You can change the number of exclusions or select specific verticals that you would like to exclude.

For example, in the screenshot below:
The tool will limit the number of website placement exclusions to 2000, the number of mobile app exclusions to 1000, and the number of YouTube channels excluded to 100.

These settings can be changed even after the tool is activated. If the number of website placement exclusions is changed to 1000, the tool will rank the exclusions and keep the worst 1000 websites from the list excluded.

On the right side, you can choose to exclude verticals from which you do not want to exclude placements. By default, all verticals are selected.

If you would like to remove all the placements excluded by the tool from the Google Ads account, you can unselect all three categories. The tool will remove the placements it added as exclusions from the Google Ads account. It will not remove any placements that have been added as exclusions manually, outside of the tool.

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