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What is it?

The PPC Investigator is an insights tool that'll help you find exactly which element in a given account caused a metric to increase or decrease, and whether it's a keyword or placement that caused the changes. Answering questions such as why conversions/clicks dropped the previous month can give you great insights into account improvement.

Colorblind-Friendly Feature

The PPC Investigator has a feature to enable icons to show if the trend is positive or negative, to adjust to a colorblind-friendly mode. This is enabled by checking the box on the upper right, as seen below.

How does it work?

Select the metric for which you noticed a change and choose the date range over which you want to compare performance.

Date Range

When you choose to compare any date range to the previous period, the system considers the exact same number of days just before the selected current date range.

For example, if today was September 5th, and you take the last 14 days from today to compare to the previous period, then you’d be comparing the week from 20th - 5th to the week from 6 Aug to 19 Aug.

Cause Chart

The concept of the Cause Chart is based on the fact that the performance of every metric depends on the performance of other underlying metrics. In the Cause Chart, we use the relationships between different metrics to show potential causality.

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